Publié le 25 Novembre 2015

Many desire to have spiritual initiation. But before initiation, there must be preparation. Those who are not prepared should be advised to wait. Being prepared helps one to proceed properly. This process is like preparing soil before planting seeds. The soil must be tilled and manure must be spread first. If the seed is sown after that, it grows well. One must prepare in a similar fashion before receiving mantra diksha, or spiritual initiation. This preparedness is conducive to success. And most humbly, I want to touch upon another point: There is no end to this preparation.

Unless the mind is pure, the mantra given with diksha will not be effective. The mind can be made pure through the practice of good conduct, humility and true yearning. Only then will the mantra, like a seed, sprout and flourish into a full-grown tree, bearing flowers and fruits. We must repeat that preparedness before receiving the mantra diksha is absolutely mandatory. In fact, nothing in spiritual life is achieved without preparation.

Rédigé par Priyananda

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