Publié le 11 Juin 2014

Truth is Satyam and Ritam

In the Vedas there are two most significant words: satyam and ritam.

Satyam is Truth in its pure existence.

Ritam is Truth in its dynamic movement.


The Sacred Cosmic Law Of Ritam Philosophy
What Ritam means to me? Ritam to me refers to truth in its dynamic movement that is truth in action. Ritam is the basis of the law of truth. In the way Satyam is referred to in vedas as the basis and fundamental of the truth of a static being, in the same way Ritam becomes the truth in dynamic motion. What it essentially means is the truth of our actions. It’s the reality, it is the ultimate truth. It is also the basic principle of the universe and the reality on which the cosmos exists. It transcends both good and evil. It is eternal in nature and has been described as Representative of a person’s spirit i.e. one’s true self. It is described as - attribute less, pure, eternal, highest abode, permanent and unsullied.
In life, Ritam for me stands for being in order and harmony with the flow of the universe. What I essentially mean to say is that whatever I do certainly affects my surroundings, my environment and my universe. Keeping that in mind, our actions should be such that it should not disturb the ecological balance.
How can we apply Ritam at the personal and the organizational level?
At the personal level, I believe that Ritam would mean that I exist in perfect harmony with the nature. This essentially means that I work in accordance with the laws of nature in order to discover and find peace with my inner self. Let me establish this by first establish how we are all connected to the entire world. As Albert Einstein once rightly said:
"The most beautiful and most profound emotion one can experience is the source of the mystical. It is the source of all true science."

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