Publié le 8 Juillet 2014

Atma Yoga is Kriya Yoga and Sankhya Yoga infused with the spirit of Bhakti (pure divine love.) In other words, it is a combination of Bhakti and mystic realizations received in a disciplic succession that can be traced back to Lord Brahma, the first student of the Vedas. Bhakti (the re-establishing of our true identity through divine love) is a state of being beyond even the spiritual goals of liberation. Although Atma Yoga is not the same as Bhakti Yoga, Bhakti is the ultimate goal of Atma Yoga.
"Efficacy is evidence" - why it works: The Atma Yoga system and its related programs are effective because they are based on the most complete understanding of human psychology: that we are simultaneously one with and yet different from God. It is the final goal of a spiritual path that imbues the process with its power and efficacy.

Founded on the complete knowledge of who we are, Atma Yoga addresses the individual in an integrated way. It is dynamic in removing obstacles to personal growth and re-establishing one's absolute identity,

Atma Yoga is a powerful yoga.
It is not necessary to rely on belief - sincere practice will bring about changes in your state of mind and in your sense of being. Atma Yoga works from gross to subtle - change your habits and your consciousness will change.

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